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G & W Precision started in January of 1994 by two mold makers with over 50 years of combined mold making experience.  G & W's growth was brought on by the combined efforts of our skilled employees in producing top quality, high precision molds using our modern, up-to-date equipment. 

G & W specializes in small and intricate molds ranging in size from small single cavity prototype mud units to mid-size multi-cavity class 101 production molds.  

We have full design capabilities which compliment our complete mold manufacturing, along with mold refurbishing, repair and molding.  We can manufacture your mold frame or components only and have 3-D milling capabilities.

We have manufactured tools for plastic and silicone parts for such field as medical, electrical and automotive.  Our molds utilize a wide variety of mold actions such as lifters, side actions, lifting side actions, stripper plate ejection, double ejection, accelerate ejection, ejector insert molds, as well as hot runner and 3-plate molds.

Our facility is equipped with state of the art equipment to meet your needs.  Grinding, EDM, CNC milling, plastic and silicon molding, inspection, computer engineering, welding, lathe and support needs. 

Give us the opportunity to quote any of your tooling needs ranging from development of a prototype part through construction of your production tooling and production molding or sampling. 


226d Greenfield Road, So. Deerfield, MA 01373 
              Phone (413) 665-0983  * Cell (413) 636-8460 * Fax (413) 665-0982

                    G & W Precision, Inc.



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